The State's Continuity and Emergency Management Office (SCEMO) is tasked with implementing the continuity program and associated processes for State government.  Montana's continuity planning tool and emergency notification system have been configured for the State's use based on Federal guidelines, the State's requirements, and best practices.  The purpose of the continuity program is to create plans and processes to protect people, facilities and restore essential State services in the event of a serious incident, disaster, or interruption.

Please contact us with any questions or requests for assistance you have regarding the State’s continuity program.

Thank you. 

E-mail us at Continuity@mt.gov or call 406-444-0100


FEMA Mobile App FEMA Mobile App

FEMA Mobile App

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Continuity of Operations Resources

Continuity of Operations Resources

FEMA Online Continuity of Operations Resources

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DRI International Glossary for Resilience

DRI International Glossary for Resilience

Version 2 - July 2018

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