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"The Gathering" Quad State Meeting

9th Annual Emergency Responders "Gathering" for Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming
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2017 Wildfire Leadership Conference

2017 Wildfire Leadership Conference
Registration Now Open

April 7-9, 2017

Hilton Garden Inn,
Bozeman, MT

Registration fee $90.00
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2018 MACo/Emergency Management Conference

2018 MACo/Emergency Management Conference

The 2018 MACo/Emergency Management Conference is a two day event sponsored by the Montana Division of Disaster and Emergency Services and the Montana Association of Disaster and Emergency Service Coordinators in conjunction with the Montana Association of Counties mid-winter conference.
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Advanced Group Crisis Intervention

Advanced Group Crisis Intervention
February 8-9, 2018 08:00-17:00 both days

Billings PD Training Center, 4810 Midland Road, Billings
Registration fee- $135
POC- Carol Burroughs 406-580-4443 or carolatwork@montana.net or
Denise Hice 406-657-8457 or hiced@ci.billings.mt.us
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Association of Montana Floodplain Managers (AMFM) 18th Annual Conference

Social Media for Natural Disaster Response and Recovery (PER-304)

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AWR-136 Essentials of Cybersecurity & MGT-384 Community Preparedness for Cyber incidents

This course is designed to provide organizations and communities with strategies and processes to increase cyber resilience.
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Carbon County Train Derailment TTX

Social Media for Natural Disaster Response and Recovery (PER-304)

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CERT Training

CERT Training
April 25-27, 2018
Cascade County DES Facility, Great Falls
POC- Dena Burnham Johnson (406) 899-7995 or denadbj@aol.com
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Chemical Terrorism Functional Exercise

This is a joint exercise between the MT National Guard 83rd Civil Support Team and local emergency responders of Carbon County. It will simulate the intentional release of an unknown chemical agent during a school assembly.
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