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2018 MACo/Emergency Management Conference

2018 MACo/Emergency Management Conference

The 2018 MACo/Emergency Management Conference is a two day event sponsored by the Montana Division of Disaster and Emergency Services and the Montana Association of Disaster and Emergency Service Coordinators in conjunction with the Montana Association of Counties mid-winter conference.
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Montana officials are preparing for, and monitoring the respiratory disease caused by a novel (new) coronavirus.

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The 2020 MACo Midwinter Conference will be held at the Heritage Inn in Great Falls, February 10-13. The conference is for all elected officials who wish to attend.

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Hazard Mitigation Application Workshop

Hazard Mitigation Application Workshop

Montana Disaster & Emergency Services will be hosting workshops for eligible applicants interested in applying for Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funds.

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Montana Emergency Management Forum

Montana Emergency Management Forum

The 2019 Emergency Management Forum is a three-day event geared to provide emergency management personnel an opportunity to discuss and provide insight into the strategic path of Emergency Management in Montana. Main topics will include Communications in Montana, All Hazard Response, and Recovery. The goal of this forum is to help forge the direction the State is moving in.

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