Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake Insurance

Should you have coverage?

Did you know that most home insurance policies DO NOT cover earthquake damage?

Surprisingly few Montanans have earthquake insurance even though thousands of faults have been mapped in Montana. Montana has 7-10 earthquakes occur each day making it the fourth most seismically active state. The 14th largest earthquake in the contiguous United States occurred in 1959 at Hebgen Lake.

How do you know if you need coverage?

Several factors may impact your risk of damage from an earthquake:
1. Where you live in relation to earthquake faults.
2. The age and type of dwelling you live in.
3. The soil type where you live.

The 5.8 earthquake that impacted Western Montana on Wednesday night leaves many of us wondering what if a bigger event happened. What could happen to my home? Contact your homeowner insurance provider to get more information on earthquake insurance.

Map provided by MT TECH earthquake studies office

  • 7 July 2017
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