Earthquake near Lincoln

Earthquake near Lincoln

5.8 Earthquake hits near Lincoln. What should you be doing?

At 12:30 in the morning on July 6, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck near Lincoln, MT. Multiple aftershocks, ranging in magnitude of 3.1 to 4.9 have been felt. People reported feeling the quake from as far away as Seattle, WA and Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Lewis and Clark County is requesting that any natural gas or propane leaks be reported to 911.

For some great information, look to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) website and other sites that get their information from the USGS.

To share your experience, go to the USGS site and find the "Did You Feel It?" link.

There are many actions you can take to prepare yourself and your families for hazards such as earthquakes.

Earthquakes of this size can cause damage to homes and other buildings. Take the time to check for damage. The following tips have been provided by FEMA.

Exterior Structure:
• Has the house shifted off its foundation? Has it fallen away from the foundation in any place?
• Is the structure noticeably leaning? When looked at from a distance, does it look tilted?
• Do you see severe cracks or openings between the structure and outdoor steps or porches?
• Do you experience seriously increased vibrations from passing trucks and buses?
• Do you see severe cracks in external walls or foundation?
• Are there any breaks in fence lines or other structures that might indicate nearby damage?
• Did you check for damage to ceilings, partitions, light fixtures, the roof, fuel tanks and other attachments to the main frame of the structure?

• Are there cracks between the chimney and the exterior wall or the roof?
• Are there cracks in the liner?
• Did you find unexplained debris in the fireplace?

• Are power lines to your house noticeably sagging?
• Is your hot water heater leaning or tilted?
• Are all the water connections secure including those for pipes, toilets, faucets?

• Are any doors and windows more difficult to open or close?
• Is the roof leaking? Is there water damage to the ceiling?
• Has the furnace shifted in any way? Are ducts and exhaust pipes connected and undamaged?
• Do you feel unexplained draftiness? Are any cracks in the walls, poorly aligned window frames or loosened exterior sidings letting in breezes?
• Has the floor separated from walls or stairwells anywhere inside the house?
• Are there cracks between walls and built-in fixtures such as lights, cupboards or bookcases?
• Does the floor feel "bouncy" or "soggy" when you walk on it?
• Have you checked crawl spaces, stairwells, basements, attics and other exposed areas for signs of damage such as exposed or cracked beams, roof leaks and foundation cracks?

Did you know that Montana participates in a statewide earthquake drill every October? Register now for the Great Montana ShakeOut.



  • 6 July 2017
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