Fire Management Assistance Grant (FMAG)

Fire Management Assistance Grant (FMAG)

What is a Fire Management Assistance Grant?

Firefighters operating at the scene of a complex or major fire need the ability to request and use resources from neighboring jurisdictions. The FMAG program leverages each jurisdiction’s ability to use mutual-aid agreements for the movement of those assets in a timely manner, lessening concerns about the financial burden. At the conclusion of the fire incident, the state compiles the documentation for all responding entities and agencies and submits the financial records to their FEMA Regional Office within nine months. FEMA reviews the documentation and provides 75 percent funding for all eligible expenses.

Eligible expenses can include:

• Costs for equipment and supplies (less insurance proceeds);

• Costs for mobilization and demobilization;

• Costs for emergency work (evacuations and sheltering, police barricading and traffic control, arson investigation);

• Costs for pre-positioning federal, out-of-state, and international resources for up to 21 days when approved by the Regional Administrator;

• Costs for personal comfort and safety items for firefighter health and safety;

• Costs for field camps and meals in lieu of per diem; and/or

• Costs for the mitigation, management, and control of declared fires burning on co-mingled federal land, when such costs are not reimbursable by another federal agency.


Each state must meet an individual or cumulative fire cost threshold (FCT) before being eligible for reimbursement. The FCT is based on the state population, and is adjusted annually, based on the Consumer Price Index.

FMAG declarations are declared by the FEMA Regional Administrator on a 24-hour real-time basis while the fire is still burning uncontrolled.


(Information provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency)

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