Individual Assistance

Individual Assistance

The Montana Disaster and Emergency Services Individual Assistance Unit works with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide assistance in the wake of disaster.  Federal assistance may be granted when the situation is clearly beyond the capability of both the local, state and Tribal Governments. The Individual and Households and Other Needs Assistance Program (IA) provides funding assistance up to predetermined limits for home damage repair, transportation repair or replacement, and funeral expenses. IA provides several areas of assistance to include limited funding for crisis counseling, unemployment assistance, and loans from the Small Business Administration. IA funds will not duplicate any funds being covered by insurance or any other federal program. IA funds are restricted in total amount that will be paid out. The cost share equates to 75 percent federal and 25 percent state.

The State of Montana does not have any funds for Individual Assistance, but works with American  Red Cross  (ARC) and Montana Voluntary Organization  in Disasters  (MTVOAD) when the State cannot qualify for FEMA funds.

FEMA Individual Assistance Tools

Amerian Red Cross

Montana Voluntary Organization in Disasters

Small Business Administration Information

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