Montana Response Tools for Emergency Managers

Montana Response Tools for Emergency Managers

The following links provide access to Montana's Response Tools for State, Tribal, city and County Emergency Managers. Currently we use two cloud-based platforms for Incident Reporting and Sitatuional Awareness:

- WebEOC is web-based crisis information management software, which provides emergency response teams, decision-makers and organizations with real-time access to critical information that can be simultaneously shared during the planning, response and recovery phases of an event. To request a login ID and password, please contact: J. Lee Okeson, Montana DES, 406-324-4768 or jokeson@mt.gov .

- Situation Analyst Montana (SAM) is an experimental GIS-based collaborative proof of concept project to provide real time information from multiple sources available in one location. The concept for Situational Analyst Montana (SAM) was created in early 2013 while trying to obtain an accurate accounty of the physical area of the state affected by wildfires. From there is has branched out to how state agencies can maintain their situational awareness of incidents in local jurisdictions, how local agency personnel in the field could capture information, and how everyone in between could quickly interact with it. Simply put, how can you see everything in one place.

- For more information about SAM, please visit the webpage at: www.samontana.org

- SAM access is restricted to emergency managers and first responders affiliated with a State, Tribal, or local agency. To request a login, please visit this page: http://www.samontana.org/?page_id=14   


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