PIO Workshop (Polson)

PIO Workshop (Polson)

Event date: 5/7/2018 - 5/8/2018 Export event

Basic PIO G-290 and JIC G-291

Public Information Officer (PIO) Workshop (G-290 and G-291)
7-8 May 2018(8a-5p)

Where: 25 A Regatta Road Polson, MT

Course Description: Emergency Public Information Officers (PIOs) are responsible for ensuring that the affected public receives accurate and timely information during an emergency. Armed with good information, people are better able to make good decisions and, by doing so; contribute to the overall response goal of saving lives and protecting property. PIOs must be provided with the opportunity to learn and practice skills they will use on the job. The Basic Public Information Officer Course (G290) is designed to prepare participants to function as full- or part-time PIOs. G-291 Course/JIS/JIC Planning for Tribal, State and Local PIOs Course (G0291) is designed PIOs with experience in the field who will be working in a JIS/JIC
At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to;
- Demonstrate how to communicate emergency public information effectively to public through the media.
- Describe actions the PIO can take to prepare for and conduct an effective interview with the Media.
- Demonstrate the ability to answer questions effectively during an on-camera interview.
- Describe how to effectively perform the responsibilities of the PIO at the scene of an incident.
- Describe how Joint Information System / Joint Information Center concepts apply in an expanding incident
- Describe and demonstrate the components of a formal news conference.

Registration: Contact Rick Forkel, State Training Officer or Registration Link below:

In order to maximize this training opportunity this is a one day course that will provide a working lunch and will have some pre-course assignments to meet the learning objectives. There will be other G290 and G291 courses throughout the State as we move towards the delivery of a E388: Advanced PIO course held Jan 2018

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