Public Assistance

Public Assistance

The Montana Disaster and Emergency Services Public Assistance Unit works with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide assistance in the wake of disaster. Federal assistance may be granted when the situation is clearly beyond the capability of both the local and state governments. Federal assistance determination is based on a number of factors which include: population (tax base), impact on jurisdictions and recent disaster history.

The Public Assistance Program is available to assist with reimbursement of repairs to damaged eligible facilities to include: roads, bridges, water control facilities, buildings, equipment, utilities, parks and recreational facilities. It is also available to assist with reimbursement of emergency functions such as debris removal and emergency protective actions. This program is made available to eligible applicants including: local governments, state government, certain non-profit organizations, schools, and Native American tribal governments that are located in a designed damage area. The federal cost share for this program will not be less than 75% of eligible expenses for emergency measures and permanent restoration.

FEMA Public Assistance Rescources

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