Snow Load Safety

Snow Load Safety

Snow Load Safety

Safety Measures for Snow Removal

Minimize your risk of personal injury during snow removal from a roof         

Any roof snow removal should be conducted following proper OSHA protocol for work on rooftops. Use roof fall arrest harnesses where applicable.

Always have someone below the roof to keep foot traffic away from locations where falling snow or ice could cause injuries.

Ensure someone confirms that the area below the removal site is free of equipment that could be damaged by falling snow or ice.

Whenever snow is being removed from a roof, be careful of dislodged icicles. An icicle falling from a short height can still cause damage or injury.

When using a snow rake, be aware that roof snow can slide at any moment. Keep a safe distance away from the eave to remain outside of the sliding range.

Buried skylights pose a high risk to workers on a roof removing snow. Properly mark this hazard as well as other rooftop hazards prior to snow events.


For more information, check out FEMA’s Snow Loading Safety Guidance.


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