About Montana Disaster and Emergency Services

About Montana Disaster and Emergency Services

Text Box:  Montana Disaster & Emergency Services (MT DES) is the lead agency coordinating comprehensive emergency management in Montana.  In collaboration with local and tribal governments we build, sustain, and improve our ability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate hazards. 

MT DES is organizationally situated within the Montana Department of Military Affairs.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provides guidance and grant oversight.

We recognize that comprehensive emergency management requires strong partnerships with public, private, and non-profit partners, as well as with individual citizens.  Engaging the whole-community results in robust planning intended to minimize the impact to our populations affected by disasters.

For general questions, you can contact MT DES by calling (406) 324-4777 or by sending an email to mtdes@mt.gov

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Montana Disaster & Emergency Services Staff


Delila Bruno Division Administrator 324-4766 DBruno@mt.gov
Gretchen Grove Financial Specialist 324-4769 GGrove@mt.gov

Preparedness Branch 

Burke Honzel Preparedness Branch Manager 324-4771 BHonzel@mt.gov
Martha Smith District 1 Field Officer 544-3553 MJSmith@mt.gov
Joey Zahara District 2 Field Officer  781-4432 JZahara@mt.gov
Bob Fry District 3 Field Officer 431-0102 BFry@mt.gov
Jeff Gates District 4 Field Officer 323-8800 JGates@mt.gov
Charlie Hanson District 5 Field Officer 696-2039 CHHanson@mt.gov
Mark Gruener District 6 Field Officer 366-1835 MGruener@mt.gov

Grants Section 
Casey Fuller Grant Coordinator 324-4758 CFuller2@mt.gov
Shari Pool Grant Coordinator 324-4751 SPool@mt.gov

Preparedness Section 
Michael Radke Preparedness Section Supervisor 324-4788 MRadke@mt.gov
Rick Forkel State Training Officer 324-4787 RForkel@mt.gov
Ed Greiberis Exercise Coordinator 324-4780 EGreiberis@mt.gov
J. Lee Okeson Planning Coordinator 324-4768 JOkeson@mt.gov
Ryan Lee Planning Coordinator 324-4774 RyanLee@mt.gov

Response and Recovery Branch

Jake Ganieany Response and Recovery Branch Manager 324-4776 Jake.ganieany@mt.gov
Tam Kolar Logistics Coordinator 324-4784 TKolar@mt.gov
Keith Simendinger Response Coordinator 324-4770 KSimendinger@mt.gov
Nadene Wadsworth State Hazard Mitigation Officer  324-4785 NWadsworth@mt.gov

Recovery Section

Tim Thennis Recovery Section Supervisor 324-4783 TThennis@mt.gov
Jan Traynor Individual and Public Assistance Coordinator 324-4772 JTraynor@mt.gov
Sheri Medow Individual and Public Assistance Coordinator 324-4773 Sheris@mt.gov


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